Armani  Casa is quickly becoming one of our favourites. Known for their classic, almost art deco approach to design they are one of the masters when it comes to mixing solid structure with divine finishes. We’ve had a look through their catalogue and, although it was hard picked our top five pieces for your eyes only…


The Truffaut

The Truffaut is an elegant take on the directors chair. Made of brushed oak and leather, coming in red brown and grey, it has everything one could wish out a simple dining chair, oozing understated class.



The Descartes

The Descartes low table is unique within the current collection. Industrial to look at, with its angular, solid approach, the brushed finish offsets this, creating a delicate air.


 The Barbican

We always like a chaise long, and although the Barbican isn’t quite that, we could still imagine lounging all over it quite happily. Upholstered according to your preference, its made to last a lifetime.


The Riesling

The epitome of Armani Casa in our eyes, the Riesling brings Art-Deco right into the 21st century with style. Perfect as a side table, it comes in two finishes.


The Gerard

The Gerard is an armchair that exudes absolute comfort without compromising on style. With its curved interior we could happily curl up every evening in this little nook.

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