9fi5th loves seating takes a look at our three favorite chairs from our favorite designers!

roche bobois aircel chair

Roche Bobois: AIRCELL chair by Sacha Lakic.

Ready to take over the world? Well take a seat and learn from genius Sacha Lakic in his latest design for Roche Bobois. Pulling the best from each corner of his design portfolio, the AIRCELL armchair carries the essence of a slick getaway vehicle and an all-powerful secret layer. Featuring a Cabaret velvet quilted interior and a smooth jersey outer shell, this chair means business in all the right ways. Similar to the curved shapes of his previous furniture designs, the AIRCELL’s rounded and slightly elongated back starts by taking the shape of an egg and expands out into the perfect platform on which to sit down. Providing the right amount of texture and just enough support from its high-density foam back, it’s a sporty and comfortable combination. Get your evil laugh ready. You never know what you’ll be conquering next.

armani casa truffaut chait

Armani/Casa: Truffaut chair

Lights! Camera! Action! Armani/Casa keeps the vision strong with their latest Truffaut director’s chair. Although this modern take on a classic design is not foldable, you won’t want to go anywhere after you rest up on the soft leather seat and back. Boasting a brushed brown oak solid wood structure, the Truffaut chair brings a New Wave of class and style to the frame. With slightly petaled leather armrests, you can sit back with your hand on your chin and let the creative juices flow – either at your desk or on set. Truffaut comes in red, black, or grey and though it may be French at heart, is made in Italy. Even if François Truffaut was famous for writing tough reviews, we have nothing but wonderful things to say about this delightful chair. We even promise that you’ll like its performance on the very first take.

the peacock chair

Cappellini: Peacock chair by Dror Bershetrit

Shake your tail feathers and be the center of attention in Italian furniture brand Cappellini’s Peacock chair. Designed by Dror Bershetrit, this striking armchair is more than just a balance between design and art. Mimicking the shape and pattern of  – yes, you guessed it – the male peacock’s beautifully fanned out feathers, Bershetrit allows this chair to take life through its intricately designed framework. With no sewing or upholstery involved, the Peacock chair uses tight folds of felt to create a structured back and seat that not only look incredibly luxurious, but are comfortable too. By experimenting with movements of materials, Bershetrit’s innovative design uses layers of felt that are folded and clipped into place on a minimal metal frame that is varnished in dark brown. The Peacock chair comes in mono-color green or blue, as well as a dual-color that pairs green with a dusty grey. Accent a room with one under a hanging lamp or pair two next to a coffee table. But be warned: your guests may argue over who called the seat first!

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