SCG America and Kuafu Properties’ Manhattan View dishes out only sky-high condos with world-class perks.

With Hudson Yards continuing on course, prospective buyers who are interested in the soon-to-launch master project can already benefit from Manhattan View, the existing rental property on 42nd Street with a newly converted condo cherry on top. As part of what might turn out to be the biggest development project in the history of New York, Manhattan View will offer, unsurprisingly, stunning views from the 51st floor up as the building’s top 13 floors encompass the property’s condo segment, while the lower floors comprise luxury rental units. The tower already includes an enviable array of amenities and interior designs by three of the best names in the business.

Jamie Drake model 2To figure out what was going on at 460 West 42nd Street, we set aside some time to talk with Jeffrey Dvorett, Head of Development at Kuafu Properties. “From Mandarin to English, Kuafu roughly translates to ‘bridge,’” explained Dvorett. “The concept behind Kuafu was to create a platform that could bridge Chinese capital and the demands that Chinese investors have with New York investment and development opportunities.” One glimpse at Manhattan View and you’ll see how the firm has impressively blended New York City taste and style with East Asian scale. “Because our units start on floor 51, our blend is all the way in the sky, which means that we offer studio apartments that are on the fifty-first floor. That never happens. For people who want to have a smaller residence, whether they are empty nesters, pied-à-terre buyers, or those who simply don’t have a lot of people living with them, they can buy one of these smaller units at just over $1 million and still enjoy wonderful views and access to amenities without having to buy a four-bedroom apartment.”

LobbySpeaking of the amenities and perks, Manhattan View includes a smorgasbord. With more than an acre of amenity space, a Yotel, high-end retail names on the ground floor, a dry bar, two different coffee shops, and a signature Frank Gehry public theater featuring fantastic programming, Manhattan View has it all. For the residents alone, the amenities also include a 24-hour concierge by Luxury Attaché, a Dog City playroom, basketball court, Equinox gym, pool, and rooftop lounge. If this seems like you’ll only be living in some strange celestial paradise far removed from the outside, then the anticipated development of the surrounding area should have enough to get your head out of the clouds. “We are only at the beginning of the build-up of the Hudson Yards district and the great thing about this property is that residents will have access to the great new buildings that are coming up in the area without being directly on top of them,” said Dvorett. “Related Group is planning to build a Neiman Marcus, 100 restaurants, and to install a beautiful sculpture that is being donated to the city. Furthermore, Manhattan View is right next to Hudson Boulevard Park, which ties right into the High Line and allows you to have a green space all the way down to the Whitney.”

Michael Gabellini model 2

If you’re more of a home body and like to have everything just the way you want it, then don’t worry: the Kuafu team have given you the option of choosing between three different interior design styles. Jamie Drake has covered all the base building finishes, i.e. kitchens bathrooms, wood floors, molding, the elevator and lobby, but you can further engage him to outfit your specific unit as well.

Jamie Drake model 3

Whether you’re a fan of the exuberance of Jamie Drake, Michael Gabellini’s purity of style, or the multifaceted bespoke designs of the world-renowned Alexandra Champalimaud, Manhattan View sets you up to choose from one of these top-notch interior designers to give your home that little touch that makes it distinctly yours. “Everyone will want different features, so we set up the infrastructure for that. That is the basic package. Because we have a number of different unit sizes, we do not necessarily have a catalogue that shows you what you get when you go with a specific designer’s package for an apartment of specific size. Rather, we team up with, say, Michael Gabellini, who will work with the package and develop a custom design for your residence with your input.”

So, if the views, the value proposition, and the copious amounts of amenities didn’t already sway you, we think the fresh interiors by one of three outstanding design teams just might.

Particulars Manhattan View

Place: Midtown, New York

Property: 147 Residences

Plans: 566 – 2,138 square feet

Price: $1.37 million – $7.25 million

Period: Complete

Amenities: Luxury Attaché 24-hour concierge, grill area, Dog City playroom, basketball court, Equinox gym, pool, office space, rooftop lounge, theater

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