1399 Park Avenue brings a new aesthetic and towering architecture to the neighborhood.

1399 Park Avenue has raised the bar for luxury standards in East Harlem. The building combines natural, classic, and modern aesthetics to deliver a towering architectural tour de force that is stacked with modern amenities. We met with Jeremy Markowitz, CEO at Heritage Real Estate Partners, the team behind the development of 1399 Park Avenue, to get a sense of what makes the finer features of this beautiful project so unique and appealing.

1399 Park Avenue

A good spot from which to look upon one’s surroundings is a sine qua non for any project of this caliber — location. Situated along Central Park, residents of 1399 Park Avenue will not be hurting for views of what Markowitz called “prime” Central Park and the East River. In addition to the views, the best transportation and lifestyle aspects of the city are just around the corner. “We are located right above Metro-North and around the corner from the 6 train, which allows access to Midtown East in ten minutes,” said Markowitz. “Furthermore, we are situated two blocks from Central Park and all of Fifth Avenue’s best museums.”

But the stunning views and accessibility to cultural landmarks and recreational areas are not the only things that make 1399 Park Avenue a great prospect. It is also amenitized to suit the needs of the families who will be living there. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, a bookish type, someone who likes to sit on a terrace and bask or one who enjoys a good round of billiards every once in awhile, the property is poised to accommodate.

living room

Though 1399 Park Avenue accommodates the lifestyle, it also establishes an architectural space that expresses the best aspects of this neighborhood’s pre-war architecture while adding its own modern twist. We got the behind-the-scenes look at what went into this tower’s creation when we sat down with David West, Partner at GWHA, the firm responsible for the exterior architecture, and Karen Asprea, head designer at Whitehall.


According to West, “The building is a beacon as you come into or leave the city. It is a counterpoint to the neighborhood, so we wanted to make it stand out by giving it large glass expanses, which makes it a welcoming place for people to come home to. Moreover, this counterpoint to the neighborhood’s architecture is reflected in between the  woods, concrete, and glass of the exterior.” The residences are separated from street level by four stories, and the building itself is designed with a Ultra-OITC rated system designed specifically for sound attenuation to create true silence throughout the building. While this separation will of course keep the noise levels to a minimum, it also plays a further role in, to use West’s words, “setting the residences on their own level in the sky.”

The Lobby


The interior reflects this aesthetic as well. The entryway combines the outside concrete with a steel back wall, both of which are intended to, “patina with time,” in order to create a beautiful and welcoming experience. The designers have used natural materials, such as the broad and open pore walnut reception desk finished with natural oil, to add a richness that seems lost when man-made products take the place of natural ones. As Asprea told us, “A lot of design went into the lobby. We wanted to take the beacon idea of the exterior and reflect it in the design of the interior.” From the amenities to the location to the interior and exterior architecture and design, it’s clear that the developers have taken great pains to make 1399 Park Avenue a best-in-class development that any family would be happy to call home.

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