What is 9fi5th

Meeting the needs of today’s real estate elite, 9fi5th, a regional luxury real estate publication, was launched in late 2012, in an effort to open the proverbial gates of haute property to all those who work in or are interested in the field.

We feature in-depth Additions pieces to showcase your city’s prolific property magnates and their latest new developments. Our At Home pieces take you on a gilded real estate tour with home-owners, industry magnates, developers, and architects bringing you the latest on exciting Additions as well as cutting edge techniques used in Tools of the Trade. You’ll get an Inside glimpse of spectacular dwellings, the best interior design schemes, as well as a close look at what fit-out specialists have up their sleeves.

Be sure to turn to 9fi5th’s Around Town chapter as we show you the most interesting and exclusive addresses your city has to offer.

Available through first and business class airline lounges, private members clubs, high-end furniture and design showrooms, luxury real estate agencies, golf and equestrian clubs, luxury hotels, private jet charters, and prominent art galleries, 9fi5th is also sent directly to our select readership around the world.

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But for now, sit back, relax, and get ready for one heck of a view.

Going in search of the latest in stately blueprints, Additions offers a first hand glimpse of what’s to come in the near or not too distant real estate future. Features cover everything from new building blocks and lavish developments to smaller and more intricate constructions.


Additions - 9fi5th Luxury Real Estate Publication

Dedicated to covering a choice few homes in each city, At Home articles take readers through elite dwellings with a decidedly uncanny eye for gilded elegance as well as eccentric modernity.


At Home - 9fi5th Luxury Real Estate Publication

Featuring editorial and illustrative material on outstanding interior design schemes and interpretations, Inside gives readers a plethora of ideas to tickle their design buds in all the right ways.


Inside - 9fi5th Luxury Real Estate Publication

Manning the helm of our technical and constructive interests, Tools of the Trade gives a hands-on narrative of fresh techniques, innovative materials, and avant-garde ideas to design, build, and improve upon existing or novel themes.


Tools Of Trade - 9fi5th Luxury Real Estate Publication

Sure to bring life to any party, Around Town is our go-to guide to passing those velvet ropes with flying colors. Readers delight in being lead behind the curtains at their city’s most refined and exclusive locations. *Insider info to be counted on with subscription.

Around Town - 9fi5th Luxury Real Estate Publication

Keeping nights abroad just as cozy as those spent at home, Pillow Talk provides readers with a hand picked list of luxury hotels and enclaves in their city of choice.

Pillow Talk - 9fi5th Luxury Real Estate Publication

Given the empty walls and walkways a new home will often provide, Off the Wall, showcases prominent and up-and-coming local art galleries to help fill up all that white space.

Off the Wall - 9fi5th Luxury Real Estate Publication

What luxury real estate haven would be complete without its very own mini/maxi haven abroad? 9fi5th offers a real look inside holiday homes Abroad and far, far away.



We hope this answered the most pressing questions you may have had. If not, please do send as an email at info@9fi5th.com. You never know, your question might make it onto this list!