No more sitting around and daydreaming about owning your own private island. The newest project to hit the market can now have you actually laying poolside along the crisp, clean shores of you own exclusive isle. Another envy-inducing project, the Amillarah Private Floating Island Villas is a series of customizable and portable islands created by the masterminds at OQYANA Real Estate and Dutch Docklands.


This incredible, one-of-a-kind, private floating island project will consist of 30+ self-supporting isles, each with its own residence, garden, pool, beach…the list goes on. And each is fully customizable to your personal preference — everything from the size, shape, style, even down to the location of your island! The developers will build the first set in the Maldives with the next markets to include Miami, Dubai, and New York (markets we personally love, wink wink). And, not to worry, this project will also maintain a serious green factor, making sure the luxury and quality aspects align with a “scarless” approach to developing.


Teaming up with Ocean Futures Society to ensure minimal environmental impact, the islands are built to last for over 100-years and will create a new underwater habitat for sea life. Although the project is aimed towards uber-high-net-worth individuals, there is no set price point yet, giving us a little more time to fantasize about our next vacation home!


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