Set in a beautiful glass house, seemingly plucked from a Victorian manor house, we find Gee’s Restaurant & Bar, a perfect example of contemporary European fine dining.


Surrounded by foliage, leather and wooden furnishings and hanging orbs of light, it is easy to imagine yourself in a far away fantastical world when dining at Gee’s. The smell of woodsmoke in the air, the atmosphere is of ease and comfort, making whiling away the hours effortless for solo and accompanied diners alike.


Their menu is spun around innovative takes on mainly Italian cuisine, with a few influences from Spain and France. Flavour is expertly balanced and beautifully presented, making every course a delight. One of our favourites from the menu was their take on the humble burrata and tomato- perfect as a starter or side salad to accompany the meal. The creaminess of the burrata is offset by the sharp sweetness of cherry tomatoes, a combination that, with every mouthful transports you to the Adpuglian countryside. This is all, of course, perfectly accompanied by a wonderful selection of wines that their waiters expertly pair with the meal on request.


With its ethereal ambiance, excellent cuisine and fabulous location, just a few minutes walk from the city centre, a meal Gee’s is one thing that no visit to Oxford should be without. Serving lunch and dinner, as well as brunch on the weekends, Gee’s is open from 10am every day of the week, and for those who are already thinking about Christmas, they come fully prepared for office parties and intimate festive dinners alike.

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