International architecture firm Varabyeu brings multi-cultural offerings to design unique spaces.

More than any style or trend, true architecture is about vision; to see a space for its full potential and combine said potential with a structure that has meaning to those who will use it. At architectural and development firm Varabyeu Design, clients are met with a unique point of view – one that is willing to go beyond the “conventional” and break away those bygone barriers.


With offices in Miami’s swank Coconut Grove community and in the swiftly developing Eastern European capital of Minsk, Arseni Varabyeu and Olga Parshyna have cut a wide swath across the globe, leaving a trail of attractive, innovative buildings in their wake that are expertly fitted to their surroundings and, according to Parshyna, “always something new.”

For developers, Varabyeu is a one-stop-shop for architecture, interiors, and landscape, and handles all aspects of the process, from preliminary design to construction administration. Of course, they don’t do it alone. “We are very much a family business,” said Varabyeu. “Varabyeu is a well-recognized brand in Eastern Europe,” Parshyna told us. They now have upwards of 100 employees, most of whom, according to Varabyeu are, “here and there, across the globe.”


Their globetrotting portfolio travels from Mexico, to Dubai, and back home again. And wherever the firm goes, it uses its outsider status to its advantage, soaking up the local culture and getting to know clients, from the shoes they buy, to the cars they drive. “These details tell us what our clients want,” said Varabyeu. Parshyna agreed. “For every project, we try to understand what is unique about the client and the community,” she explained.

Their architectural creations are based on an international exposure to Europe, Asia, and the Americas, resulting in a fresh approach that responds to market preferences while also delivering one-of-a-kind character and quality to everything they build.

Case in point: Varabyeu’s much-blogged about New Moon Tower, coming to Dubai next year. For this ultra-dramatic 33-story crescent-shaped multi-purpose structure, the firm took its inspiration from local culture and religion. “There are five themes as you ascend to the rooftop viewing platform, to represent the five pillars of Islam,” Parshyna explained.

For the headquarters of a large potassium company in Eastern Europe, they took inspiration from the mineral. “We incorporated the idea of the mineral into our design,” Varabyeu told us. “The result was a striking red glass atrium representing a crystal of sylvinite, made of triple layer glass with fine mesh inside. From the outside it is red, but inside there is natural light.”


For clients, Varabyeu Design represents the perfect mix of cultures. In Florida, they are designing interiors for luxury 15-story riverfront tower RIVA in Fort Lauderdale, working with Oceanland Development on luxurious projects like BellaVita Las Olas and AquaLuna Las Olas in Fort Lauderdale along with private clients on unique residences in Miami. In Mexico, with projects like Cima Park Residences, a seven 12-story residential tower development in Guadalajara and the largest residential development Central Park Guadalajara, their clients can’t get enough. “We design it and they build it,” Varabyeu said. And in Eastern Europe, corporate clients like Marriott and Hilton work with them for their key to quality.

“It was a big relief for them when they found us in the local market” Varabyeu said. “Our global experience has taught us how to approach the client and get the job done.”


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