Goldgenie know from experience that when a new iPhone launches, demand for their luxury customised 24k gold embellished iPhones outstrips supply. Get your hands on an Apple iPhone 7 customised in genuine 24k Gold, Rose Gold, Platinum or even encrusted with certificate quality Diamonds, for the ultimate call. Order directly from, from their new luxury retail experience showroom situated at the iMall, in the United Arab Emirates, or from their London Victoria based offices with just a 50% deposit. The luxury brand is seeking only a 50% deposit to secure the new iPhone 7. The skilled artisans at Goldgenie will then hand craft and customise your phone in your chosen finish which can also include personalisation of images, company logo or even your signature laser engraved onto your device.


Founded in 1995 this pioneering luxury gift and customisation company has earned an unprecedented reputation as the go-to customisation service for luxury cars, gadgets, bathroom accessories, antiques, jewellery and even religious artefacts.


Founder of Goldgenie Laban Roomes said, “We are very excited about the iPhone 7 and have had literally thousands of enquiries asking when our luxury customised range will be launched. Having customised the first iPhone when Apple launched their device in 2007, I predict this will be the best selling iPhone to date and so encourage our customers to not delay in pre-ordering from us when we open our order books later this month with just a 50% deposit to secure this highly anticipated luxury device”.

The iPhone 7, Plus and Pro will be available to pre-order from their website or luxury retail store in genuine 24k Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum in memory sizes 64gb and 128gb from August 25th. Prices will start from £2,400 or USD$3,100

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