Morada Haute Furniture Boutique takes the lead in world-inspired, Italian-crafted designs.

The Miami luxury furniture market has been offered the perfect interplay between European elegance and Latin American vivacity. Unable to find something unique in Miami where, “everything looked the same,” partners Fernan Hernandez and Holger Odenstein, Founders of Morada Haute Furniture Boutique, decided to go out on a limb in December 2015 to, “deliver high-end furniture with great and comfortable design in order to reflect what Miami was becoming: a cosmopolitan beach city.”

We visited them in their showroom in the Design District to get a glimpse of the fruits of their tailor-made, client-centered labor and found that the brand has become a hallmark for unique designs that feature materials and styles from the most exotic destinations – think Indonesia, Laos, and Myanmar. petrified-wood-dining-table-2
First and foremost, each of Morada’s pieces tells a story. When we asked Odenstein about their breathtaking “Petra” dining table, which uses 2 million-year-old petrified wood from Indonesia, he answered, “Our dining tables always have a story to tell — they are conversation pieces.” Conversation indeed. If the design alone doesn’t have your dinner guests going on for hours, then at least they have ample room for sharing their thoughts about the day’s events or next year’s travel plans.

Two further pieces that caught our eye where an ottoman and sofa, that Hernandez and Odenstein called the “The Throne” and “The Shanghai.” The former, inspired by the court of the King of Siam, will do nothing but bring attention to your living space with its peculiar yet comfortable contours adorned with carefully hand-carved ornaments. “The Shanghai” is a bit more synthetic in texture. Featuring Art Deco styles spiced up with Asian flavor, this piece adds a sophistication to communal spaces by coupling simple geometric lines with titillating tassels.
morada-throne-3The team conducts an intimate sit-down with each client in order to pinpoint how best to express each individual’s inspiration. “Our specialty is to always understand what the client wants because every person has a different personality. For example, one of our clients was inspired by fast cars. She wanted to have a bedroom like a fast car, so we designed a red bedroom that looks like the cockpit of a Formula 1 car.”

Finally, Morada is expanding its hospitality angle by currently working on outfitting an Asian-fusion restaurant in Panama. When asked about their approach and how it differed from designing residential, Hernandez explained, “I like designing restaurants because you can go completely crazy and create a fantasy world. With residential, you have to think about the inhabitant’s personality.”

Whether it’s the ability to dress a bedroom like a Formula 1 cockpit, the capacity to let loose and go wild in the outfitting of a Panamanian sushi restaurant, the Italian-crafted designs, the globally sourced and inspired materials and styles, or something else entirely, the team at Morada pride themselves on offering something that can appeal to everyone.

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