Ever yearn for a bygone era, where houses were larger than life and hosted feasts for all nobility? Now you too can be just one step closer to the life of times past with the Little Sodbury Manor.


Built originally by William Tyndale, this 500 year old stone house in the Cotswolds is one of those properties that one comes across in the market only once in a life time. Managed by Savills, this spectacular home has been graced by many of English nobility in its time, including none other than Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn in 1535.


Although the property was renovated in the 1920s by Sir Harold Brakspear, many of the original features still remain. The great hall still retains its high ceilings and timber beams, while magnificent fireplaces take pride of place in every room. One addition has been made which isn’t quite in keeping with its historical past, although very welcome – the inclusion of an outdoor pool nestled into the house’s many acres of land, the perfect place to while away the summer months.


If you have always dreamed of owning your private patch of British heritage, this may be the answer to your prayers. Priced currently at $10.5 Million dollars, this 17,385 square-foot home has 12 bedrooms and 7 baths. For more information contact Savills on +44 20-7016-3780; search.savills.com – soon Little Sodbury Manor could be yours.

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