Clerkenwell Design Week was in London this past Tuesday through Thursday and it was filled with design and architectural treats. The week featured brands like Bulthaup, Cassina, Carl Hansen & Søn, Poltrona Frau, along with many others. Whilst designers and architects showed off their newest collections and unique designs for the future, hundreds of attendees made their way around various stands and listened in on panel discussions by some of London’s greatest designers.

Some of our favorite highlights from this year’s design week included Vita Contemplative – an installation that revolved around the best architectural elements of Roman times: columns and forums. Each tower is lightly colored with pastel panels, which were produced by Equitone. Conceived by GRUPPE, there were several columns marking the boundaries of the festival at St John’s and Clerkenwell Road. The colors of each column and forum were picked to match the surrounding area, however the interesting landmarks stuck out amongst the city’s backdrop.


Another interesting pavilion was London studio Cousins & Cousins take on the Murano glass sweets. Using a nice mixture of colored and patterned glass, the installation was set at the heart of London’s Clerkenwell in St John’s Square. Ben and Jelena Cousins, the husband and wife architect duo who teamed up on the project, created the installation for the festival. The glass showed off different glassmaking techniques and replicated glass sweets, which are made on the Venetian Island of Murano. With vibrant colors, this installation was eye catching and had many visitors walking through.


“We very much liked the glass sweets that you can find in Venice, with their multicoloured layers of glass,” Ben Cousins said. “We thought, what better way to show off GX Glass’s full spectrum of products than to have a glass pavilion inspired by this beautiful Venetian glass sweet.”

One of the most beautifully designed projects was by British designer Sebastian Cox who collaborated with sculptor Laura Ellen Bacon on creating a wooden installation called “The Invisible Store of Happiness.” Bacon, who is known for large pieces of woven wood, used her skill in creating a freestanding cylindrical design with layers of woven and knotted wood. Cox, who specializes in working with coppiced hazel helped bring his own techniques into the mix.


Although the design of the structure was intricate and delicate with steam-bent and twisted wood, the most amazing factor was that it left behind less of a carbon footprint than Apple’s iPhone 6. After researching the apple product, the two put in efforts to make sure their structure was not only beautiful, but eco-friendly as well.


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