London’s Strutt & Parker takes UK property insights to new heights


When old school friends and farmers Edward Strutt and Charles Parker formed a humble alliance to handle the challenges faced by Victorian-era East Anglian farmers in the 1860s, they had no idea that their names would live on to become one of the UK’s most celebrated independent property partnerships. With a network of offices throughout England and Scotland, including Prime Central London, this company has made a name for itself providing an all-inclusive portfolio of support. With professional ties to offices, farms, country houses, business parks, dairy farms, and everything in between, Strutt & Parker is a company whose moving history, breadth of expertise, and penetrating insight into the dynamics of the all things property will leave you at a loss for words. Helios at Television Centre

We sat down with Mark Dorman, Partner at Strutt & Parker, who told us a bit about the history of the company. After the aforementioned founders won renown as a result of their agricultural prowess, they established a farming consultancy and eventually found themselves managing millions of acres of farmland across the country. When those Victorian farmers, hungry for a slice of the high life, started to build houses and cottages on their estates, they asked the original Strutt and Parker to sell those homes. And just like that, in 1885, Strutt & Parker was born. Never having strayed far from their roots, the company still upholds the legacy of its founders by managing and owning thousands of acres of farmland in addition to providing consulting services to the people of the countryside. They even produce their own food and, what’s more, Champagne. As Dorman told us with a tinge of pride, “We sometimes have lunches with clients where they think we are joking when we say that all the food and drink is produced by Strutt & Parker. That makes us feel even better about what we do.”

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Though the tenor of the workplace at Strutt & Parker is decidedly fun loving, there is nothing jocular about their demeanor when they get down to business. With thousands of clients throughout London and additions to that list being made daily, the suspicion that you may not be getting the attention you deserve could not be more unfounded. The three-tiered team at Strutt & Parker features a side that buys and sells development sites, a side that consults, and a side that markets and sells the end product so that, at the end of the day, these experts have the tools to put your mind at ease. As Dorman put it, “We might work with someone who owns a mews, or an office building in Clapham that can get them ten little townhouses, or someone who owns a big office building in Mayfair from the 1950s that has run its life cycle and is ready for something new. We cover the whole spectrum.” Furthermore, whatever your needs, the team at Strutt & Parker keep constant contact with London planning officials to stay abreast of the complex and ever-changing landscape that is London borough real estate policy.

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Speaking of London’s real estate scene, we couldn’t help but ask for Dorman’s two cents on that as well. According to him, “due to the increasing worldwide demand for Prime Central London (PCL), properties over the past eight years, prices have doubled, which has led both developers and buyers to become more active in Zones  3 and 4, which are now relatively affordable.” Buying a property outside of PCL, however, does not mean that you’ll be sacrificing any quality, said Dorman, who offered BBC Television Centre in White City as evidence. With world-class amenities, featuring a spa, gym, and gardens, in addition to a breathtaking array of restaurants and cultural events within walking distance, this diamond in the rough offers everything you love about the PCL location at a fraction of the cost. Moreover, for those planning to grow their family, this and other PCL outliers are perfect for buyers in search of current or potential family homes with roomier feels, open gardens, and that extra space for those present or future little ones to run around in.

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With all the uncertainties looming on the horizon, wouldn’t it be nice to go with a name that knows what it is to weather a storm or two? Strutt & Parker is not only a name that thousands across the UK trust, but one that also knows how to come out on top when the winds of change eventually die down.

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