After a long summer of asanas, Triyoga Camden delights all with its wonderful new studio. 


All you seasoned yogis out there may have already heard of Triyoga. With three locations in Soho, Chelsea and their flagship in Camden- the yoga centre to end all yoga centres with the likes of Rachel Weiss, Russell Brand and Andrew Garfield often finding peace within their walls. What attracts them all? Unparalleled classes with world renown yoga teachers and spiritual leaders, intensive workshops, a full menu of treatments and not to mention Camden studio’s beautiful in-house, Nectar cafe, the place to go for pure, healthy, delicious vegetarian food, juices and drinks.


Given all of the above, imagine our excitement when we learnt that over the summer the leaders of this illustrious company had not been sitting idle. Kept under wraps until the beginning of Autumn, Triyoga Camden had been working on a beautiful new addition to maintain their stronghold as one of the leading centres in London. Studio 5 is one of their biggest classrooms, adding an even higher capacity to their lesson timetable. Not only this, but their changing rooms have also been extended, decked out completely in bare timber, giving warmth and natural feel to a haven within central London.


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