In marketing, the slogan “best of both worlds” is often just that: a slogan. However, carrying a titanium smartphone wrapped in the same leather as the Bentley you just parked on the side of the road does have a different ring to it.

High-end mobile phone manufacturer Vertu and renowned carmaker Bentley announced their co-designed smartphone this month. The handset is the first of five luxury smartphones to be released as part of the “Vertu for Bentley” series, the result of a five-year exclusive partnership signed in July. The production process saw the involvement of Danish premium audio and video products maker Bang & Olufsen and camera manufacturer Hasselblad of Sweden. Handmade in the UK and limited to 2,000 units, the phone features Bentley design cues and exclusive applications.

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The case is made from a Grade 5 titanium alloy. More than twice the strength of steel but half of the weight, the material is often used on race cars and spacecraft. Wrapped in Bentley’s signature Newmarket Tan shade, quilted calf leather, sourced from one of the oldest tanneries in Europe, the leather comes from the same hides used in the car manufacturer’s Continental GT. The stitching, too, follows the identical diamond pattern one would find on a Bentley’s interior.

Additionally, the pattern on the back plate and the theme of the home screen’s wallpaper both echo Bentley’s polished aluminum dashboard panels. Complete with a matching complimentary leather case embossed with the car manufacturer’s winged logo, you can be sure to always stand out from the crowd.

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Another nifty addition comes in form of the special “Vertu for Bentley” application, which gives users access to exclusive Bentley content. Other applications include the phone maker’s signature concierge services, encompassing a personal lifestyle manager and 24-hour assistance, and Vertu Certainty, which goes the extra mile to protect user data. Lastly, Vertu Life offers access to a range of cultural or sporting events, as well as access to private members’ clubs.

Vertu had Bang & Olufsen test the phone’s acoustics to ensure the best-possible sound, if only for users to enjoy the company’s exclusive ring and alert tones created and performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. Hasselblad was called in to tune the handset’s 13-megapixel main camera. The device also has a secondary, 2.1-megapixel front-facing camera. Essentially a model from the Signature Touch Series, the Vertu for Bentley has the same 4.7-inch full-HD display as the other handsets, crafted from a single piece of sapphire.

vertu-for-bentley-1 (1)

Obviously, the exotic materials, sumptuous leather, and attention to detail come at a cost. Rest assured, the Vertu for Bentley has a price tag befitting the reputation of the British carmaker. UK customers pay £10,700 whereas those on the continent will have carry €12,500 on their way to selected Vertu boutiques. In the US, the smartphone will set you back a cool $17,100.

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