Water Appeal is the new Curb Appeal

If you thought living on the water couldn’t get any better, you haven’t heard of Waterscape. This incredible floating platform, created by Australian based design studio, Derlot, puts simple docks to shame. Like most other docks, it is secured to the seabed by anchor, yet is easily transportable from location to location. But, unlike the others, Waterscape can be transformed into whatever space your heart desires.




Fully customizable, you can design your Waterscape floating dock as a functional outdoor living space. That’s right, lighting, seating, planters, dining tables, and umbrellas, can all be added to your dock converting it into a space that will make anyone sea green with envy. But if a more candid look is your style, the platform can also serve as a blank sunbathing space, helipad, a driving range, or even a dance floor!



Everything about Waterscape is totally customizable, even the buoyancy can be adjusted to your own preference. It’s no wonder restaurants, bars, and clubs alike are decorating their waterfronts with these floating gems. We don’t know about you, but they had us at floating dance floor; hook, line and sinker!


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